Christmas Eve Sweeper

8:30 AM      9:45 AM     11:00 AM

*$30 Early Bird Special- Must be paid and present by 8:05 AM*



League President:  Angela Messenger






Family Ties

alone in 1st Place!



Last Week's Top Scores

Steve Nowicki- 710

Mike Yonckheere- 686

Bobby Langenbahn- 612

Leah Grabowski- 684

Patricia Nowicki- 526

Judy Newton- 493











2022-2023 League Champions






Thanks for bowling at DOMM's Bowling! 


League Type: Co-ed
Bowlers Per Team: 4
Open Spots: No open spots at the moment.


 Week 1


The league is currently full but please signup anyway to be put on a waiting list as well as potentially getting a spot the following year if a team drops out.

Bowler 1

Bowler 2

Bowler 3

Bowler 4

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