League President: Angela Messenger
League Secretary: Domm’s Bowling 
General Rules:
Bowling dates will occur Every Other Saturday

Practice starts @6:30pm 

The league will consist of 16 teams of 4 bowlers per team. Teams will bowl 3 games each week/session 

Cost of the league is $20 per week 
$12.25 for lineage - NEW 
$7.75 for prize fund – NEW

Position Round: Week 16 will be a position round.
No Subs allowed in Week 16 
No Prebowling allowed in Week 16 

Type of League: Mixed League Handicap 

Individual Average and Handicap:
Average is established on first night of bowling 
The handicap will be 90% of the difference between the bowler’s average and 220. Team handicaps will be the sum of the bowlers’ individual handicaps

Absentee Score Rules:
An absentee score shall be the bowler’s average less 10 pins for all bowlers 
When bowling against a FORFEIT (no members of the opposing team show), the team must bowl within 40 pins. Any ties will be awarded to the present team 

Team Points
2 points will be awarded to the winner of each team game with handicap 
2 points will be awarded to the winner of each team series (total pinfall with handicap) 

Election of Officers
If the league wants to vote for a new president, this will take place for the final on the final week.

League Participation 
The team on Lane 1 will be responsible selling 50/50 raffle tickets
If team on Lane 1 is absent, the Lane 2 team will sell 50/50 raffle tickets 
Any money the league generates from 50/50 raffle tickets will be evenly distributed into the prize fund 

Banquet – VOTE

New Language - $1100 to $1200 will be allocated for the banquet 
Money for banquet will be deducted from prize money if needed

Individual/Team Awards 

Individual Season Long Awards will be recognized separately from individual/team high game and high series
Individual Season Long Awards include:
High Average – Pay Top 3 averages for both men and women 
Most Improved – Pay most improved male and most improved female
Individual & Team high game/series awards include:  
High Scratch Game
High Scratch Series
High Handicap Game
High Handicap Series
Pay top 3 males, top 3 females, and top 3 teams
**A bowler or team can qualify for only one (1) special award for high game or high series**

Hi-Low Doubles – Final Week
Pay top 6 teams
$180 will be allocated to this prize fund and paid out at the banquet 

Week 17 addition – 9 pin no-tap night

Thanks for bowling at Domm’s Bowling

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