Knox Amusement

Bathtub Billy's 2017-2018 Defending Champions


Francati Five

hanging on to 1st Place!



700 CLUB                 

"The Machine"

Keene Sr 760
Mike "Ricoooola" Feola 747
Derek "Girth" Bailey 745
Kevin "Barbed Wire" Dwyer 737
Jason "Front 24" Siwinski 732
Tony "Capicola" Mangiola 732
Dan "Silent Assasin" Metzger 729
Steven "ShimWrecker" Meyer 727
Justin "BrokenPins" Mims 711
Keith "The Plateau" Garceau 705
Frank "The Secretary" Martorella 704
Jeff "Giant Steps" Kleps 703
Joe  "PotGame" Padilla 703
Brandon "BaconBits" Bacon 703



High Handicap Game-               Steve Meyer- 300

High Handicap Series-               Danny Keene Sr- 787




Blind Doubles


Jeff Kleps

Mike Feola


1462- $90


Brandon Bacon

Steve Inzana


1443- $70


Jason Siwinski

Jerry Bohrer


1421- $50








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League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 5
Open Spots: No open spots at the moment.

The league is currently full but please signup anyway to be put on a waiting list as well as potentially getting a spot the following year if a team drops out.

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