High Average - FINAL

High Game- FINAL High Series- FINAL
Jason Siwinski- 239  Jason Siwinski- 300 (3) Jason Siwinski-849 821 812 801
Matt Cerame- 237 Dan Metzger- 300 Nick Flaherty- 846
Dan Metzger- 230 Justin Mims- 300 Matt Cerame- 842 806
  Rick Defone- 300 (2) Leon Penazek- 823
  Nick Flaherty- 300 Jason McGowan- 814
  Leon Penazek- 300 Jim Wollschleger- 810
  Ariel Dejesus- 300  
  Albert D'Ambrosia- 300  


THURSDAY April 18th Pizza Party

$20 HANDICAP SINGLES bowling tournament

***starts 6:30***

$20 Poker tournament to follow




2023-2024 Knox Amusement Champions



Thanks for bowling at Domm's Bowling!

We hope you had a good time.

See you next season!












































2023-2024 League Champions



Thanks for bowling at Domm's Bowling!!

League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 5
Open Spots: 2

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