Knox Amusement 

Handicap League

Knox Amusement 2023-2024 Bylaws


General Rules:

-The league will have 16 teams of 5 bowlers per team, and the teams will be bowling 3 games each week/ session

-The teams will bowl against one opponent each week

-The League will bowl on Thursday at 6:35 PM beginning September 7, 2023.  

-31 week season

Split season schedule.  The league will be divided into 2 parts.  The segments begin with weeks 1 and 16.  At the start of split 1 Team Points will be restarted.

Legal lineup

  -Must consist of 3 bowlers, 2 of which must be regular bowlers from the current roster.

Individual Average and Handicap

  -A bowler's BOOK AVERAGE shall be used for the first 9 games bowled

  -For bowlers without a book average, the first night's average shall be used for the first 3 games bowled.

  -The handicap will be 90% of the difference between the bowler's average and 230

  -An ABSENTEE score shall be the bowler's average less 10 pins.

    -Absent players will be allowed to earn individual points

Team Handicaps

  -The team handicap shall be the sum of the bowler's individual handicaps


  -When bowling an opposing a forfeiting team, the team must bowl within 50 pins of the team's average to win points

  -When bowling against a forfeiting player, the player must bowl within 10 points of his average to win points.  In the case of a "tie", the      player wins the points (points are not split).

Bye Teams

-When bowling against a bye, the team must bowl within 50 pins of the team average to win points.


Any ties will result in a one game roll off 

Team Points- 40 POINT SYSTEM

Point System- The league will use the standard team point system.

5 points will be awarded to the winner of each game.

5 points will be awarded for the winner of the team series (total pinfall with handicap)

1 point will be awarded to the winner of each match game.

1 point will be awarded for the winner of each match- series (total pinfall with handicap)

One lane courtesy

A bowler can't fall behind 4 weeks in the envelope, or the team is subject to forfeit. 

Banquet- TBD

Sponsor Fees will be taken out of your prize money at conclusion of season.

$100 per team at conclusion of season

*If your team isn't returning at conclusion of season and the $100 sponsor fee will NOT be deducted


Income:  $20 X 80 Bowlers X 31= $49,600

Team Sponsors= $1,600

Knox Amusement Sponsor= $500

Total League Income=  $51,700



Lineage: $12.25/ Bowler X 80 X 31 weeks= $30,380

Team Prize   = $20,400

Special Prize Fund= $900

Trophy = $20

Total League Disbursements= $51,700



1st Place:  $800 (1600)


2nd Place:  $780 (1560)

3rd Place:   $760 (1520)

4th Place:   $730  (1460)

5th Place:   $700  (1400)

6th Place:   $675  (1350)


7th Place:   $650  (1300)

8th Place:   $640  (1280)

9th Place:   $630  (1260)

10th Place:  $600  (1200)

11th Place:  $580  (1160)

12th Place:  $560  (1120)

13rd Place:  $545  (1090)

14th Place:  $535  (1070)

15th Place:  $520  (1040)

16th Place:  $500  (1000)

Total Payouts $10,200 (20,400)



Special Prize Fund - $900

Hi Average SCRATCH 50-30-20= $100

Hi Series SCRATCH 50-30-20= $100

Hi Game SCRATCH 50-30-20= $100

Hi Series HANDICAP 50-30-20= $100

Hi Game HANDICAP 50-30-20= $100

Hi Team Series SCRATCH 50= $50

Hi Team Game SCRATCH  50= $50

Hi Team Series HANDICAP  50-30-20= $100

Hi Team Game HANDICAP  50-30-20= $100

Hi Individual Match Points - PAY TOP 10 $10 EACH = $100




Raffle tickets will be:  distributed evenly

Hopefully everyone in league does their part!!!!!!!!







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