Weds Post Office

President:   Darryl Cigelnik
Secretary:   Dave Eckler


Bowling Out

sits alone in 1st Place!


Last Week's Top Scores

Chris Montague- 738278

BJ Ernisse- 723

Allen Sabernick- 708

Mike Laboski-   706278

Dan Clark- 681



Hi Average

Jason Siwinski-      234.49

Chris Montague      230.83

Albert D'Ambrosia- 227.04


Hi Series

Chris Montague- 833

Mike Laboski- 804

Brian Trick- 796



Hi Game

Joe Montemaro- 300

Justin Meyers- 300

Mike Laboski- 300

Chris Montague- 300

Matt Pettenski- 300               


Frontier Glass 2016-2017 Wed Post Office Defending Champs
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League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 5
Open Spots: 1

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