Weds Post Office

President:           Joe Lamarca
Secretary:           Dave Eckler
Vice President:   Allen Sabernick


Need One Team!!




Chef's Catering

hanging on to 1st Place!




Last Week's Top Scores

Chris Montague 805
Jason Siwinski 764
Roger Sabernick 727
Dave Weiss 716
Brian Trick 706
Joe  Montemaro 696
Dave Eckler 605



Eliminator Results
Chris "Who Dat" Montague 268 $90
Frank Vaccaro 265 $50
Jason Siwinski 251 $40

Dave Eckler

249 $30
Kevin Mykins 239 $15


Cunning Stunts
2017-2018 Wed Post Office Defending Champs
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League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 5
Open Spots: 1

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