Friday B

Secretary: Jim Gross


Team Meyer

hanging on to 1st Place!


1st Half Champs- Hair Horizons
2nd Half Champs- ?????????????


*Need one team to fill the league*


         700 Club                 
Mike "Hit The Reset" Priset 793 300
Steven "ShimWrecker" Meyer 772
Monwell "Better Avoid" Floyd 759 
Steven "The Chrome" Whitcomb Jr 747
Tyler "The Buffalo" Meyer 743
Steven "The Honeycomb" Whitcomb 728
Tom "The Goodfella" Tribunella 722
Geoff "Quarters" Nichols 714
Patrick "The Saint" D'Alessandro 709
Dan "Silent Assassin" Metzger 705






League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 5
Open Spots: 1

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