Secretary: Jim Gross





2 way tie for 1st Place!!



Last Week's Top Scores
Steven "The Honeycomb" Whitcomb 724
Steven  "The Chrome" Whitcomb Jr 713
Jim "The President" Gross 700

Jerry Bohrer- 699

Bradley Carr- 698

Phil Locurcio- 674

Mike Thibault- 669

Aaron Tantalo- 664

Jake Adams- 655

Leroy Thompson- 653

Adam Zollweg- 650

George Snowden- 625

Pete Drew- 617

















Hair Horizons

2018-2019 League Champions






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League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 5
Open Spots: 3


 Week 1


 Week 1

2019-2020 Final Averages

 Week 1


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