Friday B

Secretary: Jim Gross


2 way tie for1st Place


Traci Spanitz-    751 

Jordan Defone- 277



  700 Club    
Traci "The Queen" Spanitz 751
George "The Machine Gun" Snowden 736
Joe "700 Club" Meyer 734
Jeff "Giant Steps" Klepps 730
Shawn "The Dryer" Dwyer 723
Tom "The Flame" Culhane 719
Matt "The Hammy" Cerame 718
Tyler "The Fire" Meyer 716
Scott "Nascar" Bohrer" 711
Bambi "The Deer" Asmuth 709
Geoff "Quarters" Nichols 709

"Happy Gilmore"

Secours 706
Jordan "Let It Be Known" Defone 703
Dave "Pyscho T" Thibault 703


League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 5
Open Spots: 2

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