MortyMania IV (past)

MortyMania IV
April 14th @ 1PM
$35 entry- 1 SQUAD ONLY

Heads up Handicap Shootout
1st $600
2nd $320
3rd – 4th $160
5th – 8th $80

9th- 16th- $45 
*Based on 64 bowlers*

Domms Bowling Center
640 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14616
$35 entry fee
This tournament is named after Joe Martorella.
Joe “Morty” Martorella is a RBA Hall of Famer and 1971 Carter Tool and Die ABC Team Champion
$35 entry- ($30 prize fund + $5 lineage fee)
1 squad only- Starts at 1 PM on April 14th , 2019
Heads Up Format- If field isn’t maxed out- first round will be an eliminator
Field Maxed Out at 64 Bowlers
Single Game Elimination
Must Prepay to Enter the Bracket
House Shot
Handicap is 90% of 215- Max 40 Pins
Handicap is last 2 years book average or this year’s current average (Need 21 games)
Any ties in eliminator will result in 1 game roll off with handicap
Any ties in match play will be result in a 9th and 10th frame roll off- scratch
Higher seed is based on previous rounds high game
Tournament director can rerate a bowler at ANY time! must declare any rerates at time of registration!
Have Fun- Most important rule of them all!


Paid Entrants

1  Kelley Kinz

2. Chris Robare

3. AJ Reynolds

4. Frank Fitzmaurice

5. Chris Mathis

6. Bobby Kyler

7. Earnest Brown

8. Tony Bellave

9. Terry McLamore

10 . Steve Inzana

11.  Mike Feola

12.  Ariel DeJesus

13.  Tony Mangiola

14.  Adam Zollweg

15.  Dave Woodhams Sr

16.  Tony Rebis

17.  Geno Tavolino

18.  Steve Gross

19.  Rick Zinone

20.  Adam Fiegl

21.  Steve Haag

22.  Melissa Wallace

23.  Mark Dalbert

24.  Randy Miller

25.  Michael Domicolo

26.  Frank Freida

27.  Jason Randazzo

28.  Nick Sacheli

29   Pete Rodriguez

30.  Roberto Rodriguez

31.  Marvin Andrews





Jeff Storrs- Not Paid

Jim Dale- Not Paid

Josh Mead- Not Paid

Anthony Hudzinski- Not Paid

Brandon Bacon- Not Paid

James Wilson- Not Paid

Justin Bennett- Not Paid

Jason McGowan- Not Paid

Dave Rector- Not Paid

Ali McMurtie- Not Paid

Tim York- Not Paid

Gabriel Vera- Not Paid

Scott Kruppenbacher- Not Paid

Jeff Debellis- Not Paid

Justin Illes- Not Paid

Will Rich- Not Paid

Rob Gustke- Not Paid

Deanna Lynn Sloninker- Not Paid

John Salamone- Not Paid

Kyle Cortese- Not Paid

Jim Cambisi- Not Paid




April 14, 2019 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM (past)


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