Antonetta's Singles

Secretary:  Dom Markajani



Jason Zampieri

takes over 1st Place!



Last Week's Top Scores

Doug Coleman- 816

Jason Zampieri- 705

John Rosati- 704

Jim Kerr- 700

Mathew Slattery- 673

Rick Schneider- 670

Jim Mullens- 646

Jamie Collazo- 643

Roger Schnetzer- 633

Tim Morath- 629

Noe Gonzales Jr- 616

Anthony Gonzales- 615

Mike Thibault- 614

Joel Gonzales- 611

Patrick O'Neill- 603

Joe Bonacci- 603

Mickey Parker Jr- 563

Bob Teleban- 534

Dom Markajani- 500















League Type: Men
Bowlers Per Team: 1
Open Spots: No open spots at the moment.

The league is currently full but please signup anyway to be put on a waiting list as well as potentially getting a spot the following year if a team drops out.

Bowler 1

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